Balancing Toner

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Restoring the pH is important for healthy skin. This refreshing daily tonic removes impurities for a complexion that is balanced and vibrant. With natural-organic, nutrient-rich ingredients like grape skin, carrot root and organic seaweed, skin is left at the prime state for moisture and protection. Contains no artificial fragrances and is paraben-free and vegan-certified. 

Skin Type: 

Ideal for all skin types.

How to Use: 

After cleansing, apply toner with a cotton pad to remove residue from makeup or hard water. Allow 2-3 minutes for toner to absorb and follow with appropriate protective treatment for your skin type.

Ingredients Benefits:

  • Orange Oil encourages moisture retention for skin that is hydrated all day long.
  • Jasmine Oil and Cucumber Extract provide soothing and healing properties for protection of daily free radicals.
  • Orange Oil encourages moisture retention while Jasmine Oil and Cucumber Extract provide soothing and healing properties. 

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