Spa Anti-Aging Blueberry Cream

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Luxuriously rich and incredibly effective, this moisture crème is ideal for day and nighttime use. Infused with hydrolyzed RNA/DNA, hyaluronic acid, and natural-organic botanicals, this is a must for all skin types. An ideal skincare companion for those who experience dehydration or lack of vibrancy caused by aging, environmental factors or dry skin. Contains no artificial fragrances and is paraben-free and vegan-certified. 

Skin Type:

Idea for all skin types, especially mature and environmentally stressed skin.

How to Use:

After cleansing and toning, rub a small amount between palms and gently massage for best results. 


  • DNA is an excellent healing and anti‐aging ingredient that also helps to refine the appearance of pores. It tightens skin, soothes irritation and helps speed cellular renewal. Excellent for use on new scars to encourage proper healing.
  • Co Enzyme Q10, Green Tea and Blueberry Oil are high in anti-oxidants and aid in the reduction of fine lines, supplementing dry or mature skin.